Our Team

Daniel Tribby

Daniel Tribby, ATC, CNP, CEAS, ITAT, Center Director

A passionate clinician and business owner driven by the desire to help others feel whole in their personal and professional lives.


Daniel spent the first 10 years of his professional life as an Athletic Trainer and rehabilitation provider for the largest orthopedic company in the southeast. He began to realize the world of physical medicine was taking on a quantity over quality persona. High quantities of clients became the standard due to cuts in insurance reimbursements; all the while, requirements of customer service quality stayed high.

Daniel believed people deserved more than being a number and a time slot on some provider’s schedule. Developing other ways to focus on the quality of care and total rehabilitation in a committed, engaging, present, and 1-on-1 atmosphere has become the goal and mission of his current professional venture.

ACTIVCORE has truly revived his spirit and love for physical rehabilitation and athletic training. It has fueled his desire to aid in the total recovery that clients deserve. He offers people access to the best therapeutic treatments available without sacrificing quality; while enhancing the rehabilitation experience and facilitating a healthy return to play, return to sport, and return to life.


  • Sports injury rehabilitation
  • Return to sport training
  • General orthopedics
  • Neuromuscular activation


  • Georgia College & State University, Bachelors in Kinesiology and Athletic Training, 2004
  • Redcord Norway, Certified Neurac Practitioner


  • Published Article “Ergonomics in the Work Place” in Back Talk Magazine
  • Avid basketball player, beach volleyball player, scuba diver
  • Owner of Tri-Point Medical Solutions
  • Co-Owner of Regenerative Sport, Spine, and Spa
  • Board Member of the Fisher House Orlando


  • ATC (Athletic Trainer Certified)
  • CNP (Certified Neurac Practitioner)
  • CEAS (Certified Ergonomics Assessment Specialist)
  • ITAT (Impact Trained Athletic Trainer for concussion management)