Patient Testimonials

  • “Great staff – friendly, clearly skilled and will take the time you need to hear about your issues and come up with a reasonable plan of action.

    Clean and open facility and complete one on one attention.”

    Dana S.

  • “Exceptional attention to detail when tailoring a rehabilitation or performance enhancing program specific to client needs. My results were far beyond my expectations.”

    Stephen S.

  • “Best Physical Therapy and Corrective Exercise practice in the Orlando area! Daniel and his team are the best at what they do!”

    Bill S.

  • “What an amazing place with outstanding, energetic and caring staff. This is just what my father needed for his physical therapy, very thankful for Lake Nona Activecore!”

    Jason P.

  • “Going on day 2 and no hip pain! That may not sound exciting to most people but when you can sit, bend, or stand for a long time pain-free there are no words! Daniel is amazing and I look forward to feeling great, not just periodically, but all the time! Activcore is place to go!”

    Michelle F.

  • Tina F.

  • “I have had a long history of low back pain. I have been to physical therapy at several different locations, but not one as hands on as Activcore. Daniel has put together an incredible team (Amy, Bri, and Sam) that makes your goals their own. It’s been a long road for me, but this team has put me back on track. I could not be happier with my progress and it’s all thanks to the Activcore team.”

    Joe M.

  • “My husband has Parkinson. This therapy with Bri has really help my husband with his balance and range of motion. Saw a difference in 3 sessions. He still has a long way to go. This has given him a new look and hope on his condition.
    Thank you.”

    Clorinda L.

  • “Love working with Bri! I’m in my second session to help with impingement in my shoulders and I’m already getting results. She sends me home with exercises to help increase the strength in the surrounding areas. Amy also does a fantastic job helping me with scheduling and answering questions I have. Looking forward to the rest of my sessions and see how much better I’m doing afterwards.”

    Jan M.

  • “The facility is well equipped, looks super nice inside and filled with qualified, friendly and knowledgeable staff!

    I highly recommed this to anyone that wants to get better in their physical life!”

    Elio S.

  • “The staff at Activcore is super knowledgeable and friendly. Would definitely recommend for sorting out any pain or muscle imbalances.”

    Mitchell B.

  • The Activcore system is unique and personalized, nothing compared to the traditional physical therapy. Daniel, Bri and Amy are very professional & knowledgeable. Results are amazing!

    Marcela M.

  • “I was diagnosed a year ago with Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA). Getting up and down was so painful I did’nt want to move. Redcord therapy was and IS the answer for me. It is pain free physical therapy with amazing results. Redcord is a gentle form of therapy that wakes up and strengthens the muscles supporting those inflamed joints that make movement so difficult. Strong functioning muscles is necessary for people like me who suffer from a debilitating disease or condition that makes life so miserable. Activcore is a first class facility. Daniel and his team are friendly, professional, and specialized

    Sherry T.

  • “Activcore has been 5 star experience. Highly knowledgeable and experienced staff has helped me not only eliminate my back pain in only a few visits but has given me a better understanding in injury prevention, stretching and workouts. I highly recommend Activcore for any physical therapy and/or performance gains.”

    Nate A.

  • “ActivCore is not your traditional Physical Therapy Center! The staff is completely passionate on getting you back to your everyday life safely and painfree. They use Redcord suspension system to treat your whole body not just one area. I also had the pleasure of getting correct pelvic health information and exercises from Bri McCormick PT, DPT she truely is the best at what she does for men and women having any pelvic issues. Go see them today!”

    Ysabel P.

  • “ActivCore changed my life! After successfully undergoing shoulder surgery and a long rehabilitation with another facility with varied results, I decided to explore alternative options to regain strength and range-of-motion. Discovered ActivCore!

    Their approach to physical therapy and performance is unparalleled – thanks to the staff of ActivCore Orlando (Daniel Tribby et al). Utilizing Redcord and a proven methodology of weightless suspension, I achieved SIGNIFICANTLY BETTER range-of-motion in ONE SESSION than I had in weeks of traditional PT. The proof is in the experience; experienced in-person with any of the ActivCore certified therapists or coaches. The 1-on-1 attention, giving customized treatment is a game changer!

    I HIGHLY RECOMMEND ActivCore Orlando to everyone who is recovering from an injury, suffering from persistent pain or looking to enhance overall well-being!”

    Keith B.

  • “Immediate results after one physical therapy session. After three sessions I see a profound difference in how I feel and move. Highly recommend.”

    Justin G.