Redcord Neuromuscular Activation

When the mind and body are connecting properly, the effect is striking. Regenerative Physical Therapy and Wellness helps you return to a pain-free state by improving the connection between your muscles and nerves—a process we call neuromuscular activation. 

We look at how your body moves as a whole, searching for muscular deficits and abnormal movement that may be contributing to the root cause of your pain. We then use a series of suspension exercises combined with high levels of neuromuscular stimulation to help restore stability, movement control and strength.

What is Redcord?

While you are held weightlessly in the Redcord suspension system, your therapist accelerates your motor learning, enabling neurons in your brain to be more energized and efficient at doing their job. Similar to floating in a swimming pool, this pain-free environment is safe for any age, condition, and strength level and allows you to focus on each precise movement pattern.

Your body weight is slowly added into the routine as you start to re-establish proper control of the movements. Each exercise demands total body awareness and accurate muscle control to help you build a lasting core foundation and a stable body in less time than conventional training methods.

This delivers real results more quickly, helping you stay active for life.

If you interested in having this treatment as a part of your therapy, Contact Regenerative Physical Therapy and Wellness today at Orlando, FL.